For every 14 year old incel who says they have "dark humor" and a manifesto for their "great retributuion"

we get it, you fell down the alt right pipeline, you hate everything but nu metal, watching hentai, screaming racial slurs at people in COD lobbies calling it "dark humor", writing your manifesto and watching neo nazi content but abandon all that because if you sign up for our party you don't have to think about shooting up your school for a week and then wussing out because we might or might not legalize prostitution and public orgies and if you stop hating non whites and lower your standards to a 2 and a half (which is as good as you will ever get if you keep giving up on life) you might have a good chance of getting laid by 18 and if you dont even slightly improve yourself you can finally recieve that crack pipe you need to O.D. on to relieve your parents of the burden of having to microwave you hotpockets every day until you get a heart attack at 35. Either way we're here for you.